Let’s not call them heroes.

Together with Bennet, we made the video “Let’s not call them heroes”, dedicated to all the employees, for the responsibility and dedication they showed during COVID emergency and for the extraordinary commitment they continue to face in this period.

Bennet played a major role in supporting local communities during the COVID-19 emergency. This required an extraordinary organizational effort, carried out by its 6725 employees, with great commitment and sense of responsibility.

In order to give visibility and credit to each one of them, we made a video which presents employees not as heroes, but as normal people to be thanked even more strongly and spontaneously.

IKEA – 30 years, 30 ads

The year in which IKEA Italy has turned 30 years old, a display campaign was born describing 30 products through 30 ads. After all, is there a better way to pay tribute to a brand that loves copywriting, if not with other copywriting?


You can wait for the change from outside, or you can start it inside. Thanks to IKEA solutions, the new season is ready to bloom in your house, even if it’s still raining. The spring starts from you.