IKEA – Catalog 2020

The launch of the IKEA Catalogue takes place every year almost as a ritual but this year it has a deeper meaning, linked to the new role that our homes have in our lives and to the brand’s ability to positively support the need for change. Based on these premises, DDB Group Italy developed a strategic and communication platform in which the IKEA Catalogue was turned into a handbook that makes even the impossible seem possible, like adopting sustainable living solutions without great effort and with ease.

During the pre-launch phase we creatively played on a paradox: nobody knows better than animals how to balance sustainability with saving, as they are capable in their daily life of living in a perfectly sustainable way without using too many resources. This is how our digital and social video-strategy, with many “furry” protagonists, was launched.


The launch Campaign instead, which included Print, Billboard, Digital and Radio channels, describes the iconic actions linked to the new products that “talk” about sustainability: from meatballs with vegetable proteins that taste identical to meat, the BILLY bookcase edition produced with wood from the forest damaged by the Vaia storm, to bedroom products made from cotton grown with sustainable methods that fully respect the environment.


Audi Sport. Oh what fun it is to ride.

Thanks to the New Audi RS 6 Avant, doing something nice for others at Christmas doesn’t mean forgetting about ourselves: there’s always a good excuse to drive and enjoy the emotion of thrilling performances.

Let’s not call them heroes.

Together with Bennet, we made the video “Let’s not call them heroes”, dedicated to all the employees, for the responsibility and dedication they showed during COVID emergency and for the extraordinary commitment they continue to face in this period.

Bennet played a major role in supporting local communities during the COVID-19 emergency. This required an extraordinary organizational effort, carried out by its 6725 employees, with great commitment and sense of responsibility.

In order to give visibility and credit to each one of them, we made a video which presents employees not as heroes, but as normal people to be thanked even more strongly and spontaneously.

IKEA – 30 years, 30 ads

The year in which IKEA Italy has turned 30 years old, a display campaign was born describing 30 products through 30 ads. After all, is there a better way to pay tribute to a brand that loves copywriting, if not with other copywriting?

For Volkswagen Service, everyone at Christmas deserves a gift, even a Volkswagen

Sometimes we forget what cars have to go through. Cold nights and hot long days. Unpaved roads, potholes, abrupt turns. And this is not all: what about the driver’s false notes when he’s driving while singing at the top of his lungs?
This is why even a Volkswagen deserves a gift for Christmas. And Volkswagen Service is ready to support you, offering a €50 coupon valid for maintenance or purchase of original VW accessories.

Mediaset Premium

The exclusivity of the UEFA Champions League. Nothing draws you in more.