The drawing

To celebrate the World Children’s Day (20th November 2019), together with IKEA, and in collaboration with Save the Children, we developed a project to raise awareness on the issue of witnessing violence afflicting children.   Even before they learn to speak, children communicate. They do so through the means they have at their disposal, such as drawings, with which they express their emotions, as well as their discomforts, which are often ignored by adults. For this reason, the drawings of children victims of witnessing violence are inserted in a completely natural way in the exhibition areas of the IKEA stores. At the end of the exhibition, an experiential wall shows the drawings, telling the stories of children who have been victims of witnessing violence, inviting clients to support the petition on Save the Children website.   The line: “Just because you didn’t see them, it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen”. The project takes place in all IKEA stores from the 20th to 24th of November. The campaign ends on Social Media.

iliad – Truth makes you grow.

Truth and Revolution are the two concepts pursued by iliad since its arrival in the telco sector about two years ago. In 2020 iliad shows how only the truth makes us aware and therefore adults.



In a year like 2020, made of one Groundhog day after another, we needed to experience a little bit of newness. Because nothing can break the daily routine and make us feel that good.
From this concept, we created a campaign that celebrates IKEA news through the story of Mr. Cuckoo: a cuckoo fed up with monotony and ready to welcome something new and unexpected into his everyday life.

Lamborghini Aventador ULTIMAE – Timeless

Those that we now consider world icons have not always been: only those who make initially misunderstood and radical choices, over time, can achieve this status. This film tells the journey beyond all convention and expectation with which Lamborghini Aventador manages to escape the temporal dimension to become “timeless”.

Stop Cat-Calling

84% of women have endured cat-calling, a harassment frequent not only on the streets, but also online. While in France, Belgium and many other countries it’s punished by the law, in Italy it’s not considered an offence. As insurance company specialized in protection, Zurich Connect chose to take a stand for women’s right giving them the first cross-country defense against verbal sexual harassment. We intercepted cat-calling comments on social media and, using a pseudonym, we sent a bait link to the harassers. Clicking on it, they landed on a website registered in France, where their comments are prosecutable. Facing the risk, almost everyone deleted his comment.
But there is no protection without justice. That’s why we asked people to help us change the law signing the petition to make cat-calling a punishable offence in Italy too.

The forgetful

When you don’t have to pay the installments of your new car for 3 months, you can even forget you have bought it. This is what happens in the 2 commercials of the new campaign for the SUV range. A Volkswagen style message that emphasizes how even the purchase of a new car can be experienced without worries.

The Uncampaign

Every year, 30 million Italians anxiously wait for the latest edition of the IKEA catalogue to arrive in their mailboxes.

In 2020, however, for the first time in history, the brand decided not to deliver it directly to people’s homes but to distribute it from IKEA stores.


Confessing the end of this deep-rooted ritual to Italians was almost unthinkable.


Therefore, DDB Italia came up with a special campaign: The UnCampaign, the first campaign designed to be ignored.

But also to be illegible, indecipherable, unattainable and unreachable, through the use of specially-chosen touch points and media: OOH positioned in the least frequented places in Italy, incomprehensible prints, ADV displays on the web’s least visited websites and social media done in reverse, with complete strangers used as Influencers and endless Instagram stories, all designed to be skipped.


A special video was made to communicate the sad news to the target audience, who were completely swept away by the campaign. And certainly amused.


The result?

In-store and site traffic increased dramatically, along with brand awareness.

All, with 0 million earned media impressions.


Sanofi Italy has reconfirmed its attention with a campaign dedicated to the Rare Disease Day (February 28, 2021), developed together with DDB GROUP ITALY. Removing barriers, even the emotional ones, for a full and effective social inclusion because we all know some fears but there is one that few people know and that makes it even more fearful, feeling excluded.


Volkswagen launches a new range campaign dedicated to 5 models, offering the first 3 installments, maintenance and health insurance.

An offer to be seized with both hands, designed to be within everyone’s reach. Or rather, almost everyone. Because those 5 astronauts who are currently in space cannot really take advantage of the opportunity.

To the tune of Brenda Lee’s I’m Sorry, we remind everyone that this new and advantageous offer is now available, but only on Earth.