Intesa Sanpaolo
Intesa Sanpaolo per X Factor
Stv DDB racconta Intesa Sanpaolo sponsor di X Factor 2016. Guardare avanti per Intesa Sanpaolo significa stare dalla parte dei giovani, dei loro progetti, dei loro sogni, delle loro sfide. Da qui nasce la sponsorizzazione di X Factor 2016.

For Intesa Sanpaolo, looking ahead means being on the side of the younger generations, their projects, their dreams, their challenges. This is what led to the X Factor 2016 sponsorship. And sponsoring X Factor, for Intesa Sanpaolo, means being on the side of anyone who challenges themselves to achieve their personal or professional goals. A collaboration that will be communicated through various commercials, broadcast during the show. The first subject on air tells the stories, the hopes, the hard work but also the emotions hidden behind every number and behind every competitor taking part in the auditions. The following subjects will follow their journey towards the live shows. A communication project that will evolve and develop throughout the episodes of X Factor, highlighting the most important and emotional moments.