Lamborghini Aventador ULTIMAE – Timeless

Those that we now consider world icons have not always been: only those who make initially misunderstood and radical choices, over time, can achieve this status. This film tells the journey beyond all convention and expectation with which Lamborghini Aventador manages to escape the temporal dimension to become “timeless”.

The forgetful

When you don’t have to pay the installments of your new car for 3 months, you can even forget you have bought it. This is what happens in the 2 commercials of the new campaign for the SUV range. A Volkswagen style message that emphasizes how even the purchase of a new car can be experienced without worries.

Audi Sport. Oh what fun it is to ride.

Thanks to the New Audi RS 6 Avant, doing something nice for others at Christmas doesn’t mean forgetting about ourselves: there’s always a good excuse to drive and enjoy the emotion of thrilling performances.

Always ready for change.

Life is full of changes. And we can all experience them best with Audi: The Original Accessories, the Audi Collection and the Kids line help us to face any change in the right way.
This is the concept behind the new multi-subject campaign signed by Audi Service. Three films that stage Audi’s ability to always meet the needs of our lives, in an ironic and modern tone.


Volkswagen launches a new range campaign dedicated to 5 models, offering the first 3 installments, maintenance and health insurance.

An offer to be seized with both hands, designed to be within everyone’s reach. Or rather, almost everyone. Because those 5 astronauts who are currently in space cannot really take advantage of the opportunity.

To the tune of Brenda Lee’s I’m Sorry, we remind everyone that this new and advantageous offer is now available, but only on Earth.


Everything is more interesting with an Audi RS.

For Volkswagen Service, everyone at Christmas deserves a gift, even a Volkswagen

Sometimes we forget what cars have to go through. Cold nights and hot long days. Unpaved roads, potholes, abrupt turns. And this is not all: what about the driver’s false notes when he’s driving while singing at the top of his lungs?
This is why even a Volkswagen deserves a gift for Christmas. And Volkswagen Service is ready to support you, offering a €50 coupon valid for maintenance or purchase of original VW accessories.

Volkswagen Christmas Assist Ball

Is technology always the best answer to every problem? No.

A super-technological Christmas ball that helps reduce energy consumption during the holidays, that nobody needs.