Audi Pons

Motorsport is one of the most followed and celebrated realities in the world, but even if it has a very rich history, very few women have had the opportunity to write it.

This is why, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, Audi has decided to celebrate in a branded content the story of Fabrizia Pons, one of the most important protagonists of the racing world, who became a legend by testing a technology that made the evolution of motor racing: quattro-wheel drive. Because there are stories that, only if told, can inspire us to write new ones.

The drawing

To celebrate the World Children’s Day (20th November 2019), together with IKEA, and in collaboration with Save the Children, we developed a project to raise awareness on the issue of witnessing violence afflicting children.   Even before they learn to speak, children communicate. They do so through the means they have at their disposal, such as drawings, with which they express their emotions, as well as their discomforts, which are often ignored by adults. For this reason, the drawings of children victims of witnessing violence are inserted in a completely natural way in the exhibition areas of the IKEA stores. At the end of the exhibition, an experiential wall shows the drawings, telling the stories of children who have been victims of witnessing violence, inviting clients to support the petition on Save the Children website.   The line: “Just because you didn’t see them, it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen”. The project takes place in all IKEA stores from the 20th to 24th of November. The campaign ends on Social Media.

Progress is measured in emotions.

In the evocative setting of the Ampezzo Dolomites, Audi tells how the attitude to innovation derives from the desire to always get involved and overcome one’s limits. Because this is the only way to achieve advanced and exciting performances, while fully respecting the environment. Starring: 100% electric Audi RS e-tron GT and Kristian Ghedina, Italian ski champion and racing driver, capable of representing the idea of progress according to the House of the four rings.

The Fearniture Collection

October 2020. Due to the pandemic’s restrictions, for the first time ever, Italian people were forced to spend the Halloween night at home. So, to celebrate the scariest night of the year we created The Fearniture Collection: an ironic campaign that promote IKEA product’s shadows turning (and pricing!) them into spooky monsters. Because in the darkness of your home, even the most innocuous piece of furniture can become a nightmare.

Unknown Places

The first photography exhibition of places that don’t exist.

IKEA – Home’s for book

A special birthday for the BILLY bookstore which turns 40! IKEA celebrates with an entire weekend of festivities, concretizing a reflection related to the reality of reading in Italy: we read always less (in fact, it is estimated that 57.6% of Italians do not read even one book in a year) compared of a continuous increase in new publications (70,000 new books published in 2018). As a result, emerging writers find it difficult to make themselves known to the general public.
Hence the idea of the brand as the bearer of a cultural message, wanting to become a meeting point between the public and writers: a special initiative dedicated to emerging writers that will take place in the IKEA store in San Giuliano Milanese.
For the occasion, thanks to the collaboration with, the Italian online bookstore, the Billy bookshops in the store hosted works by authors not yet known to the general public, recreating inside IKEA a real reading circle animated by events, readings to the public, presentations with the presence of the authors and activities to rase awareness among participants on the theme of reading.

Spring starts from you.

With IKEA we created the concept “Spring starts from you”, a state of mind more than just a season, which develops at home, even with small changes, and then slowly let us open to the world with a renewed creative spirit.

IKEA has driven the arrival of Spring with an articulated communication strategy:

The first big moment came to life in the Carugate store, with a totally “springed-over” entrance, both outside where customers were greeted by a floral signboard, and inside where the first display area was completely enveloped by the explosion of the new season.


But that’s not all. IKEA then took its own Spring around the city of Milan with a tram full of green outside and a sensory experience made of sounds and scents inside.