DDB Group Italy launches specialized esports and gaming division

DDB Group Italy launches specialized esports and gaming division to help brands navigate and enter the world’s fastest growing new category of entertainment. DDB FTW Italy combines regional expertise with the DDB network’s vast global reach to offer unprecedented access to gaming related expertise.


“For any brand wishing to remain relevant and vital in the coming years, understanding the gaming market is nothing less than an imperative. Approximately 35% of Italians are gamers and this percentage comes with quite unpredicted socio demo data, going across genders, age, income and city of origin. We’re talking about something quintessentially pop and inclusive, way beyond a simple time-killer, which more and more influences music, fashion, sport, language, our everyday life.” says Niccolò Arletti, CEO of DDB Group Italy.

The entrepreneurial vocation of the newborn reality will benefit (on local and global scale) from the collaboration with ESL, the largest eSports company in the world: it boasts a partnership with the most popular video games and has a record of efficiently setting up dozens of online and offline events.

DDB FTW consists of passionate gamers from the DDB network covering various areas of expertise including strategy, creative, business design, innovation and tech.


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