Audi A4. Déjà vu.
New technologies, a new driving experience: the most popular car from the brand with the four-rings has never been so far ahead of its time.  

The Audi A4 marks its return to communication with creativity designed and produced specifically for the Italian market. The challenge for the new video was to highlight all the technology this car is equipped with: hence the concept of a car ahead of its time. The video shows two Audi A4s locked in an adrenaline-fueled pursuit; however, as one scene shoots into the next, we begin to sense that something’s not right: the situations appear to repeat themselves identically as the two cars pass by. Only in the final scene do we understand that the two A4s are actually the same car and that the first one, metaphorically, represents the avant-garde nature of Audi, and how it’s always ahead of everything else. Because, as the campaign claim also underlines, “There are those who pursue progress and those who anticipate it.” And Audi has always been part of the second category.