“Unexpected Works” is a promise. Our promise.

It means that the best idea is the one you never see coming. The thing that catches you so off guard you can’t look away. Creativity is having the fresh perspective and raw energy to bring something into the world that no one’s ever seen before. We’re talking about the courage to shake things up and maybe even change them.

For Bill Bernbach, Creativity and Business are inextricably linked. To put it in his words, “Creativity is the most powerful force in Business” with this approach the brands feed on ideas that influence their performance and success. This is what we believe in, today more than ever.

DDB’s proprietary methodologies and tools ensure that our creative ideas can be relevant in people’s lives. For those who work in DDB first.

Our creativity is a blend of:

  • Continuous inspiration: our internationally-renowned network has allowed us to create an environment bursting with ideas that bring out the most original and relevant perspectives.
  • Mutual consideration: a place where we and our customers can shine together, creating a shared path of growth and recognition.
  • Continuous sharing: a vibrant, flowing network of information and ideas that engages everyone, because creativity travels freely between multiple opinions and points of view.