Audi Pons

Motorsport is one of the most followed and celebrated realities in the world, but even if it has a very rich history, very few women have had the opportunity to write it.

This is why, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, Audi has decided to celebrate in a branded content the story of Fabrizia Pons, one of the most important protagonists of the racing world, who became a legend by testing a technology that made the evolution of motor racing: quattro-wheel drive. Because there are stories that, only if told, can inspire us to write new ones.

I’M LAMBORGHINI | 60th anniversary

An automotive icon like Lamborghini is much more than technological excellence. It’s aspiration, passion, visionary strength: all characteristics of those who work to shape it every day. And that’s what we decided to talk about on its 60th anniversary communication campaign. Shot along the production line at the Sant’Agata Bolognese factory, the film celebrates all those who have walked through its doors since 1963, allowing it to grow and evolve into the legend it has become today.

No More Excuses

Francesco Totti is back in action as ambassador of the ID. family to promote the 100% electric Volkswagen’s models. This time, the football player comes on board the Nuova ID.3 and ID.4 to demonstrate that there are no more excuses to not change to electric mobility. In doing so, Francesco Totti, in a series of events, makes fun of the false myths about electric mobility to protect his new car. But in reality, he is well aware that the electric Volkswagen changes your life without having to change it at all.

Volkswagen – The Perfect Match

Volkswagen becomes the new Automotive Partner of the Italian National Football Team. To celebrate the new partnership, we reminded everyone that, after all, Germans and Italians have always been a perfect match.

On the day of the first European qualification match, played in Naples, we transformed the most classic of the icons of this city: pizza margherita.
For the whole day, in fact, Volkswagen offered to Italian fans near the stadium pizza with typical Bavarian sausages. The initiative was amplified on social channels with a video and through the stories of users who shared the taste of this new partnership.

Volkswagen Service – The Winter Jacket

Winter is an especially tough season for cars, that have to face all kinds of issues related to cold temperatures and poor weather conditions. Only Volkswagen mechanics know your car perfectly and can provide the best possible protection for your vehicle in this time of the year, thanks to Volkswagen Winter Check.


Next Stop: The Future

Audi’s new idea of mobility is made of more than just cars. What better place to talk about it than locations that cars can’t reach? Venice and Parco Naturale Fanes Senes Braies in Alta Badia offered an enchanted setting for Next Stop: The Future, a branded content featuring Fabrizio Longo (Brand Director Audi Italy) and special guests giving a speech about mobility of tomorrow while navigating through canals of Venice and walking through Dolomiti’s landscapes. In fact, these places are at the cutting edge in the development of solutions to face environmental challenges and inspired a talk about the Audi vision of tomorrow.



The fate of the best is to be overcome, yet the first stays so forever. That is what Lamborghini does since always. As when introducing Lamborghini Miura, it created a whole new category: supercar. Since then, supercars never stopped making us dream, but they all were inspired by this iconic model. We chose this story to celebrate the company’s 60th anniversary and to introduce the new tagline that will guide the brand from now on.

Volkswagen – Road to Qatar

With the right energy you can change mobility and, why not, also history. For this reason, together with Volkswagen and Francesco Totti, ambassador of the ID family, we successfully realized what seem impossible: bringing “Italy” to the World Cup. 

Even if the Italian Team missed the qualification again, the captain thought to bring literally Italy to Qatar, with the hold of the iconic ID. Buzz 100% electric.

A worldwide enterprise, just like the performance of the ID range.


Data don’t lie. Prejudices do.

ECU Testing research points out a disturbing statistic: 97% of men believe that women drive worse than them. But data seems to say exactly the opposite.

Always active on the front of gender equality and as a partner of Woman Motor Bootcamp, Volkswagen decided to run a campaign on its social media channels to disassemble, data in hand, prejudices about female driving.


Audi Service

Audi Service has always stood for excellence, thanks to skilled mechanics who are able to take care of every Audi, preserving their value over time.

Now, with the “Prezzi Chiari” initiative, transparency becomes the symbol of every maintenance work and is reflected in every mechanical component of the car. For performances in the public eye.