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Sharing Dreams Intesa Sanpaolo
The Intesa Sanpaolo campaign continues, inviting viewers not only to dream but also to share their dreams and projects with a partner ready to provide them with all the support they need to transform them into something real.

The video of XME Conto UP! was inspired by a work by Dominik Jakubowski, “Imagine”, and tells the story of a young astronaut who won’t stop at anything to make his dream come true: reaching the stars and doing it in his own particular way. Because after all, it’s our dreams that propel us to greatness. A message that pairs perfectly with the philosophy of the innovative XME Conto UP!, the bank account that grows with you and allows everyone under 18 to approach the banking world safely and securely. An all-new product, that chose to link itself to a timeless classic, the Panini football trading cards, an integral part of the launch of XME Conto UP! and a coveted prize – with an album and a box containing 500 stickers as prizes for each young customer who opens an account in a branch. Double the gifts for everyone under 18: a dream team at your fingertips, and a new way to get closer to achieving a dream of your own.