La Fibra chiara e tonda

After having revolutionized the mobile telco market in just three years, iliad launches its first offer for the fixed network: iliadbox, the clear and round optic fiber.

And it does so with the irreverent and visionary style it has accustomed us to over the years. In just 30 seconds, the new iliad campaign sweeps away the old clichés and unclear promises that characterize the communication of telephone companies, to take us to a world where we can finally see ourselves clearly, indeed round.

The Uncampaign

Every year, 30 million Italians anxiously wait for the latest edition of the IKEA catalogue to arrive in their mailboxes.

In 2020, however, for the first time in history, the brand decided not to deliver it directly to people’s homes but to distribute it from IKEA stores.


Confessing the end of this deep-rooted ritual to Italians was almost unthinkable.


Therefore, DDB Italia came up with a special campaign: The UnCampaign, the first campaign designed to be ignored.

But also to be illegible, indecipherable, unattainable and unreachable, through the use of specially-chosen touch points and media: OOH positioned in the least frequented places in Italy, incomprehensible prints, ADV displays on the web’s least visited websites and social media done in reverse, with complete strangers used as Influencers and endless Instagram stories, all designed to be skipped.


A special video was made to communicate the sad news to the target audience, who were completely swept away by the campaign. And certainly amused.


The result?

In-store and site traffic increased dramatically, along with brand awareness.

All, with 0 million earned media impressions.

Always ready for change.

Life is full of changes. And we can all experience them best with Audi: The Original Accessories, the Audi Collection and the Kids line help us to face any change in the right way.
This is the concept behind the new multi-subject campaign signed by Audi Service. Three films that stage Audi’s ability to always meet the needs of our lives, in an ironic and modern tone.

Let’s not call them heroes.

Together with Bennet, we made the video “Let’s not call them heroes”, dedicated to all the employees, for the responsibility and dedication they showed during COVID emergency and for the extraordinary commitment they continue to face in this period.

Bennet played a major role in supporting local communities during the COVID-19 emergency. This required an extraordinary organizational effort, carried out by its 6725 employees, with great commitment and sense of responsibility.

In order to give visibility and credit to each one of them, we made a video which presents employees not as heroes, but as normal people to be thanked even more strongly and spontaneously.

Minds of Change

With the project “Minds Of Change. We support the idea of change”, the Swedish giant highlights its commitment to supporting Italian minds that aim to improve the health of our planet through green projects and ideas.


If it is true that living in a pleasant, stimulating and inspiring environment facilitates the development of ideas, who better than IKEA can actually put this into practice?

This is why the brand sustainably redesigned way the interior spaces, from domestic environments to the most chaotic work environments, of three Italian scientists who are working on 3 major projects related to the future of the planet and the humanity that inhabits it.


A campaign whose videos and branded content were not only designed to present our three testimonials and support their ideas, but also to inspire as many people as possible to change.



You can wait for the change from outside, or you can start it inside. Thanks to IKEA solutions, the new season is ready to bloom in your house, even if it’s still raining. The spring starts from you.