Audi Pons

Motorsport is one of the most followed and celebrated realities in the world, but even if it has a very rich history, very few women have had the opportunity to write it.

This is why, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, Audi has decided to celebrate in a branded content the story of Fabrizia Pons, one of the most important protagonists of the racing world, who became a legend by testing a technology that made the evolution of motor racing: quattro-wheel drive. Because there are stories that, only if told, can inspire us to write new ones.

Framing Order

Each IKEA product has a unique style but contains infinite stories. Because there are infinite ways to organize our homes and our lives. There are those who pay attention to every detail and those who feel at home only in the chaos. After all, the perfect order doesn’t exist, there’s a perfect order for each one of us. And at IKEA, for a small price, you always find the right solution to organize your needs and passions.

I’M LAMBORGHINI | 60th anniversary

An automotive icon like Lamborghini is much more than technological excellence. It’s aspiration, passion, visionary strength: all characteristics of those who work to shape it every day. And that’s what we decided to talk about on its 60th anniversary communication campaign. Shot along the production line at the Sant’Agata Bolognese factory, the film celebrates all those who have walked through its doors since 1963, allowing it to grow and evolve into the legend it has become today.

No More Excuses

Francesco Totti is back in action as ambassador of the ID. family to promote the 100% electric Volkswagen’s models. This time, the football player comes on board the Nuova ID.3 and ID.4 to demonstrate that there are no more excuses to not change to electric mobility. In doing so, Francesco Totti, in a series of events, makes fun of the false myths about electric mobility to protect his new car. But in reality, he is well aware that the electric Volkswagen changes your life without having to change it at all.

iliad – Truth makes you grow.

Truth and Revolution are the two concepts pursued by iliad since its arrival in the telco sector about two years ago. In 2020 iliad shows how only the truth makes us aware and therefore adults.



The film, in an engaging and light-hearted way, involves the consumer by evoking a universe of “conspiracies,” which is countered by the care and reliability of a brand that does not resort to secret formulas except that of pure quality.

Not just products.

IKEA believes that great design should be available to everyone. No wonder its Design is called Democratic: a combination of function, form, quality, sustainability, and low price. Starting from this last principle, affordability, we brought to life an integrated campaign that describes IKEA solutions as more than just products, because they’re developed to make the difference in every home. And to be accessible to anyone. And that’s why, thanks to IKEA, with little you can get a lot for your life.

Lamborghini Aventador ULTIMAE – Timeless

Those that we now consider world icons have not always been: only those who make initially misunderstood and radical choices, over time, can achieve this status. This film tells the journey beyond all convention and expectation with which Lamborghini Aventador manages to escape the temporal dimension to become “timeless”.

The electric for Totti. The electric for all.

In his new role as ambassador for the ID. range, Francesco Totti took the field wearing a new uniform, that of the team of engineers who are developing Volkswagen electric cars and who introduced him to their characteristics and technologies.

In this series of episodes, we follow Francesco Totti’s journey through the Volkswagen ID. R&D center in Wolfsburg. He loves to make jokes and sure there are some misunderstandings with the engineers, but he manages to learn all the secrets and advantages of the electric mobility and translates them for us in his own straightforward way.

The forgetful

When you don’t have to pay the installments of your new car for 3 months, you can even forget you have bought it. This is what happens in the 2 commercials of the new campaign for the SUV range. A Volkswagen style message that emphasizes how even the purchase of a new car can be experienced without worries.