The Changing Catalogue
Who on earth would steal a copy of Passion Spoons?

For many Italians, the IKEA catalogue isn’t just a catalogue, it’s an object of desire. Everyone wants one, waits patiently for it to arrive and often, due to the recent reduction in the number of copies the brand sends out to its members, steals it from others. That’s how The Changing Catalogue came into being: the campaign that changes the look of the 2018 catalogue to protect it from neighbours, friends, relatives and colleagues with sticky fingers. How? By designing a collection of 10 improbable covers designed to transform the catalogue into a magazine that no one would ever steal. The operation was launched with a video perfectly in line with the ironic and surreal tone that flavoured the entire project. Available on the brand’s website and downloadable from the comfort of home thanks to a dedicated tool, the covers were also distributed at the launch event of the new catalogue between 28th August and 3rd September in all IKEA stores across Italy.